1883-1943 (USA)

Hull, Ralph W.

In Deaverton, Ohio geboren spezialisierte sich Ralph Hull auf Kartenkunststücke.

Er erfand u. a. "The Mirage Deck" (1934), "The Mental Photography Deck/ Nudist Deck" (1934), "Mental Discernment", "Famous Vanishing Knot", "Pop-Eyed Eye-Popper" (1935), "Joker Spelling Trick", "Homing Ball", "N.R.A. Deck" (1933), "Juggling Knives" (1935, nach Walter Jeans' "Color Changing Knife").

HULL, B. V. The Edison of Magic And his incredible Creations. Burling Volta Hull. Samuel & Lee Smith, Tavares, Florida, 1977